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English Communication

CAPFIDA CAPFIDA is a liaison office based in Antananarivo which supports the coordination of IFAD country programme in Madagascar. Its main objective is to improve the impact and efficiency of IFAD projects through information dissemination and knowledge sharing between the projects and their partners.

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In 2006, IFAD elaborated the Country Strategic Opportunities Programme (COSOP) for 2007-2012, which constitute the reference document for IFAD’s interventions in the country. As defined in the COSOP, IFAD will focus its efforts on stimulating the economic development of the country’s poorest and most densely populated regions by ensuring that the most disadvantaged producers participate in the growth of the rural sector. IFAD will support the Government in optimizing the potential of vulnerable zones and integrating them into poles of regional and national growth, while setting the priorities of the rural poor at the heart of its interventions.

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